Medieval festival - Museum Burg Posterstein

Medieval festival at Posterstein Castle

A highlight, that attracts thousands of visitors, is the Middle Age Spectacle at Whitsun every year with dealers, travelling entertainers and knight fights.

Medieval festival at Posterstein Castle - View from the showground

Medieval festival at Posterstein Castle – View from the showground (picture: Museum Posterstein Castle)

The popular café in the castle’s cellar Posterstein castle invites to coffee and home-made cake. Entrance fee includes climbing the keep and visiting the museum. Visitors in middle-age-styled clothes pay less.

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Medieval spectacle with knight tournaments
30.05.2020 - 01.06.2020

Film from 8th medieval festival

Mittelalterspektakel auf Burg Posterstein from Burg Posterstein on Vimeo.

Every year at Whitsun knights, medieval merchants, jugglers and players meet around Posterstein Castle. Highlights are the knight’s tournaments with thousands of spectators. A film made by the local freelance-journalist Gunter Auer from Altenburg.

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