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Expositions spéciales au château de Posterstein:

Dans la galerie du musée on montre des expositions spéciales de l’art régional, de l’artisanat d’art et de l’histoire régionale. Voici les expositions spéciales actuelles et futures:

The Essence of Dust. Dust Expeditions on Posterstein Castle/Museum @burgposterstein with Wolfgang Stöcker, Cologne
Datum: 19.05.2019 - 18.08.2019

The exhibition shows Art objects made of wax and dust, collected in Posterstein Castle, by the German artist Wolfgang Stöcker from Cologne. Dust reflects transience, human traces in history, preservation or loss of the past, new life for hidden remains – a metaphor for the hard labour of archivists, librarians and museum professionals as well!

From Germany to South America: the ornithologist and painter Anton Goering (1836-1905)
Datum: 01.09.2019 - 17.11.2019

Museum Burg Posterstein will commemorate the illustrator Christian Anton Goering (1836-1905). Although he was the son of a craftsman he succeeded in a career as an explorer, painter and animal preparator. Like Alexander von Humboldt before he went on two expeditions to South America (1856 and 1866) and conducted botanical and geographic studies.

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