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Riewe collection: Christmas cribs of the world

Here you find Christmas cribs from Israel and colourful cribs from South America, wood cribs from Bavaria and such, made by traditional manufacturers in the German Erzgebirge. Czech and Austrian straw cribs stand side by side with African wood cribs and German tin cribs, some fit in a nutshell, others can’t be overseen.

Emperor Barbarossa’s knights

The today’s Altenburger Land had been Slavic since the early Middle Ages. Emperor Friedrich I Barbarossa safeguarded his gained rule with small castles. Posterstein is one of them.

Razed to the ground

More than 60 manors existed once in Altenburg county. Many of them were torn down after the land reform in East Germany in 1945. Others, still existing manor houses are vacant today and dilapidated. We are documenting their history and their destiny.

Earth shakes in Posterstein

The keep was shaking, rocks where roling down the hill – that’s what eye witnesses reported, who experienced the earth quake on March 6th 1871 in Posterstein. However, the castle survived. Deep cracks in the bridge and the keep where restaurated in1997 and 2013.