Museum Burg Posterstein’s collection

Part of Museum Burg Posterstein's collection is furniture (picture: Museum Burg Posterstein).

Part of Museum Burg Posterstein’s collection is furniture (picture: Museum Burg Posterstein).

The museum Burg Posterstein collects, keeps and studies testimonies of the regional cultural history. The exhibitions are directed to all age groups, local people and guests of the region.

Furniture, buttons, cribs

There are collections with exhibits to the history of the salon of the Duchess of Courland, to the industrial history of Schmölln and an unique collection of buttons and textiles, as well as collections to geology, prehistory, history of the castle and regional art. Furthermore weapons, furniture, a collection of crips, archives, a photographic and a historical library belong to the store, either to be seen permanently or in special exhibitions.