In the 800 year old Posterstein Castle you can discover the history of the region in the triangle of Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. The exhibitions tell of regional history and European salon history. The family exhibition “Die Kinderburg” presents the castle interactivly for young visitors – from the dungeon to the tower.

The short film gives an overview over the museum Burg Posterstein.

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Posterstein Castle
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Diving into history:

In the Museum Burg Posterstein we tell about regional history using interesting personalities and exciting events. Meet Anna Dorothea of Courland, one of the richest women in Europe and the dazzling guests in her salon in Löbichau. Get to know Hans Wilhelm von Thümmel, who started his carrier in the Duchy of Saxony-Gotha-Altenburg as a page and rose to aminister. He is now buried under the 1000-year-old oak tree of Nöbdenitz. Or immerse yourself in a time when the game of “Skat” originated in the Altenburg salons and inns.

Dorothea of Courland
With her salon in Löbichau, Dorothea of Courland found a way to network with decision-makers and creatives of her time and to gain influence herself.
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Hans Wilhelm von Thümmel
The minister with the unusual grave under the 1000-year-old oak of Nöbdenitz.
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Earth shakes in Posterstein
The castle tower swayed - as reported by eyewitnesses to an earthquake in 1872 in Posterstein.
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Emperor Barbarossa’s knights
Posterstein Castle was built to secure the newly won power of Emperor Friedrich I in the east of his empire.
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Nativity Scene Collection
Every year at Christmas time, the Museum Burg Posterstein shows a part of its nativity scene collection.
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Manors razed to the ground
In the County of Altenburg there once were over 60 manors. Many of them fell victim to the land reform in 1945.
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Hans Fallada
After his stay at the sanatorium in Tannenfeld, Rudolf Ditzen - the later writer Hans Fallada - was educated in farming in Posterstein.
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Monumental Trees
This online exhibition tells tells the stories of impressive oak trees from all over Europe.
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