Razed to the ground: Manors in the county of Altenburg — 2 Comments

  1. I am very interested in the history of the
    Wasserschloss in Dobitschen
    I showed my son the castle in which i spent most of my summer vacations when i was in grade school in Berlin and later in south Germany during the war.
    I loved to climb up into the tower where the wind blew through some of the broken windows! My name is Ingrid Regula geb.
    SCHELLENBERG, and Fritz Schellenberg
    Was my uncle. He owned the Rittergut from 1929- 1945. Und wurde ” enteignet”

  2. Dear Ingrid Regula, thanks so much for contacting and sharing your story! In the Museum Burg Posterstein we made a book about the history of the different manors and castles. Many of them have a sad history and many owners were forced to leave their ground and the land. Did your uncle move to the US? I can send you the longer text on Dibitchen by e-mail if you are interested. Just write to – Have a nice weekend, best wishes from Burg Posterstein